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Karatubail Shree Venkataramana Temple,  Hosdurg was established about 210 years ago by Shri. Ramji Subhedar and maintained by four families Shri . M. Morarji, Shri. M. Seetharamayya, Shri H.V. Seetharamayya and Shri H.V.Ramji Rao, The temple had paddy fields of 100 muras and the day to day pooja expenditures were met by the  income of the land. Owing to  the operation of Land Reforms Legislation, the lands were lost to the temple and stood vested in the cultivating tenants. There after the pooja at the temple were stopped for nearly 40 years, and the main shrine and the Gopuram were dilapidated.In the year 1985 under the leadership of Late Shri. M.S. Chandrashekar Hegde, a member from the above said four founding  families and some other members of the samaja constituted a committee for the renovation of the temple. Accordingly he and some members of the Samaja approached  the members of four families individually and obtained their consent for the work of the renovation of the temple. The holy work of renovation was commenced on transfer of the structure and properties of the temple to hegde samaja under deed dated 11-03-1985 of the Sub Registration office of Hosdurg. The transfer was with the condition that the samaja should maintain the right of worship of the four founding  families and take one eligible elder person from each of the four families to the governing body of the hegde samaja. The shatadara prathista was made by Brahmashri Damodhara Tanthri on 20-01-1988. The  idols of the main diety Shri. Venkataramana and of the Upa devathas, Namely, Bhudevi, Sridevi, Utsava Moorthy and Ganpathi were obtained from Thirumalai Shri. Venkataramana Temple. The renovation work of the temple was completed and punarprathista was made on 03-05-1996 by Shri. Brahmashri Damodara Thanthri.


Shri. Brahmashri Damodara Thanthri.


Shri. Ganesh

Temple Archaka

Shri. Manohar

Temple Manager